Bratty Nikki.

Anonymous asked: Every girl understands this.. My ex-wife is an ex big time model including a contract w/ Estee Lauder (5'9 size 0, what was I thinking ;-) and I never heard girls mention this....

I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Don’t think I care either.

Anonymous asked: OK. Looking at your W/L : really loving the leather shorts, LOVE Guess, the yellow 6" heels look too tall but for vids OK I guess, like the Minkoff bag but lil small..I'd get you a Chanel or LV if knew you better ;-) What do you want?

Get the Marciano shorts and the RM bag…they go perfect together. And why do you care how small my bag is?? Fyi, Chanel and LV make all kinds of sizes of handbags too LOL 

Anonymous asked: do You have idiots doing house chores for You, or Yoy do it yourself?

Get real, I have a maid. 

Anonymous asked: LMAO at the guy that asked about Kinkbomb. He's NOT paying attention ;-) or is a newbie. Right? I think you were involved in that drama, no?

I don’t care for drama or living in the past. I’ve told you where to buy My clips/pics NOW and that is all that matters.

Anonymous asked: Comon Nikki those neighborhoods have 6000sf homes going for $3M+ More expensive? Sheesh I'm pretty dominant, know HTML/PHP and could get some boobs or something....would you mentor me? LMAO!!!! Good for you!! I'll take a look at your W/L.

Unfortunately for you, no one wants to pay men nearly as much as they want to pay women. Do more than “look” at my wishlist. SHOP it.

Anonymous asked: Let's not forget about us guys ;-) Ferragamo loafers or Gucci, Todd's or John Varvatos Converse, Brioni suit or Zenga, J Lindenberg or that's lil gay, Redkin Camo or let the grey come in a lil, Deisel jeans or AG, clean cut or scruffy, hairy chest or none, baby-faced but kinda rugged or "Calvin Klein model, skinny/ androginous"

Ferragamo, don’t care for either, Zegna, I don’t use “gay” as an adjective, depends on the guy, don’t care, depends on the guy, again depends on the guy but a little bit of chest hair can be sexy, I don’t like either of these choices lol. Rugged baby face doesn’t even make sense!

Anonymous asked: would you ever put your clips on kinkbomb too? c4s doesn't work for me for some reason.

Np. I prefer you buy My clips at  where I keep more $.

Anonymous asked: would You consider a real time shoe shopping session with someone? if so, what would You ask in exchange?


Anonymous asked: Are you going lighter with your hair color? Think lighter would be hot....#highendsingleprocessandhighlights!!

Not for awhile.

Anonymous asked: How have you used your power over men in non-slave situations such as friends, waiters, police, etc; and what is the feeling to know that you can lure or manipulate any man through sexual seduction? Truly what goes through your mind when you know the opposite sex is at your mercy? Can you tweet any answers?

This is a convo that requires payment loser.

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