Bratty Nikki.

Simply Perfect!

You know that no other woman could ever make you want to give up everything like I can, slave.  Get your wallet out and go buy 3 of my hot clips, NOW!


Vegas Again With A Major UGH

New blog update! @urbratprincess Vegas Again With A Major UGH - leave comments on blog!

Two weeks ago, I went to Vegas unexpectedly. You guys know I never really MAKE plans to go unless someone I want to see is there or one of my friends really wants to go and convinces me. That said, I’m not all that hard to convince. Party, shop, be fabulous? Ok!!

My BFF from Toronto, Miss A, called and let me know she would like to come out to Scottsdale for a long weekend, go up to Vegas for 2…

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Wallets Out Losers!

Enough dealing with you bitches, time for Princess to spend spend spend! All your money, of course!!image

My new headband is so cute!! #brattyprincess #findom #spoilme
Don’t You Wish You Could Have These?

Dream on! Only a real man gets to feel these. Your only job is to spend and spoil Princess!!


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Bikini Tit Worship

8 photos!! My big perfect boobs make you want to spend and spend, so I’m showing them off in a sexy expensive bikini and ALLOWING you to pay to worship them!! you lucky slave!! The photos are in a .zip file. **** how to open a .zip file if you do not know how!

Happy to be home, but I’m def an #AZ girl now #headlights #freezing
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